Sosa JB Property Management Corp

The SosaJb Promise

We have made it our goal to ensure that the value of our client's investments increase. We help our clients take the first step to achieving total quality of life (TQL). We do this by ensuring we are Always Ahead of any property related problems that hinder TQL.

Key service & success stories


We provide comprehensive real estate services from finance, engineering, administrative, government compliance to maintenance management. Through our quality management standards, the end users will enjoy total quality of life.

& Technical Service

We will maintain your electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, fire prevention and genset machineries to ensure that your building remains 100% operational.

Project Management

We will take care of the design, budget estimation, contract bidding and monitoring to contruction, punchlisting and handover phases. As your partner, we will ensure the smooth delivery of each phase.


We will ensure that lease contracts are created, signed, executed, billed and monitored for the continuous profitability of your property.

Technical Audit

We will help you understand the current state of your property / plant or equipment and create list for the necessary steps to rehability, upgrade or update these assets.

Repairs &
Special Projects

We will help you with your mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil and architectural needs. Allow us to assess the work and we will have it done on time and on budget.